Fado nights


Fado are Portuguese heartfelt songs which resonate the feelings of life: pain, melancholy, and happiness.

During the cold winter season you are able to enjoy this Portuguese tradition right here in the Netherlands. Every two weeks Maria de Fatima, the number one fadista in the Benelux, is live at restaurant Girassol. She is being accompanied by two guitarists.

During this wonderful performance you will be able to enjoy a Portuguese 3-course dinner. Which will be assembled especially for this night. The prize of this evening is 42,50 per person.

Because the Fado nights are very loved by our regular guests, we advise you to make a reservation on time. You can fill in the form on the right side of this page.

The dates for the next Fado nights this winter 2016/17 are as following:

November: Sunday 27
December: Sunday 11, Saturday 17,

January: Sunday 5, Saturday 11, Sunday 19
February: Saturday 11
March: Sunday 5, Friday 12

Maria de Fatima live in Restaurant Girassol

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